Thermostat Zoning

thermostat-zoningACLV Heating & Cooling in Las Vegas has the latest high-quality, energy efficient units, including systems that offer temperature control thermostat zoning. Our full-service support and installation includes a review of your temperature control needs, suggestions about which zone control systems would work best for you, and a thorough explanation of how a zoned HVAC system would be implemented to solve your current heating and cooling needs. At ACLV Heating & Cooling, we take the time to listen to you so the thermostat zoning solutions we offer are just right for you.

Heating and Cooling in Your Home or Business  

You’ve probably noticed that your home or business does not heat or cool evenly in each room. If one room gets a lot of sun, it’s probably harder to keep it cool on a hot day in comparison to the room on the other side of the house that never gets sun. If you have a basement, pushing cold air down there on a hot day might make it too cold to be comfortable. And, if you have an attic with a lot of sunlight and the thermostat is on another floor, your cooling system won’t know that it needs to push more air into the attic to keep it cool. This is where thermostat zoning can help.

The Basics of System Zoning

The most important part of thermostat zoning is the programmable thermostat. It’s basically the brains of the system. When you put individual thermostats in rooms that aren’t heating or cooling evenly, you can program them so that the flow of warm or cold air will adjust according to the current conditions of that room. For example, if you had a thermostat in your hot attic, you could program the zoning system to allow more or less cold air to be delivered to the attic based on its current temperature or time of day. When more cooling is needed, the thermostat in the attic sends a message to the zone control panel, which then opens or closes a series of zone dampers in your ductwork system to regulate the temperature in the attic. There are many benefits to this, including:

  • Saving on energy costs by lowering, or turning off, heating or cooling in rooms that don’t need it
  • Making each room comfortable so that you’re not wearing a wool sweater in one room and a tank top in another on the same day
  • Being able to control each room’s temperature to the satisfaction of the individual requirements of the person using the room
  • Programming your individual thermostats around the unique activity patterns of your family or employees

Stay Comfortable 365 Days a Year

With system zoning, you’ll never have to worry about one room being too cold or too warm for comfort. You’ll always have full control of the temperature of the rooms that are included in your temperature control zoning HVAC system. If you’re in the Las Vegas or Henderson areas, please call us today. We look forward to discussing your heating and cooling needs and how our AC system zoning solutions can solve your uneven heating or cooling problems. Please feel free to contact ACLV Heating & Cooling today with questions, concerns, or to get a consultation and quote scheduled.

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