Yes, we guarantee every aspect of your experience with us! We know how tough it is to find real guarantees on anything these days, but we take it a step further by guaranteeing everything and stating it simply and clearly.


You are guaranteed:

  • Great customer service at every stage
  • The best heating and air conditioning products for your exact needs
  • Qualified, professional installation
  • And the best price!

You probably wouldn’t expect all those guarantees to be compatible with the best prices, but we’ve figured out how to make that happen by operating much leaner than other heating and air conditioning companies, and we pass the savings on to you. In fact, we usually come in at about half the price of others, so we can confidently guarantee you the best price!

If you do happen to get a price lower than ours from a licensed competitor, we won’t stop at matching it, we’ll beat it by 5%. Contact us to get your FREE estimate. We’ll even do what most others seem especially reluctant to do… discuss prices over the phone.