The Dangers of DIY Air Conditioner Installation

Air conditioning installation is a complex process that requires the steady hand of a trained professional. Yet every year, people attempt DIY air conditioner installation in hopes it will save them money.

Unfortunately, this will almost surely cost you far more money in the long run. The dangers of trying to perform a DIY air conditioner installation range from injury, to damage to your home or air conditioning unit.

Safety Hazard

Assuming your air conditioner is small enough that you don’t need to rent a crane, there are still a number of factors that can lead to personal injury. Trying to transport the unit yourself could lead to any number of physical injuries, from strained muscles to dropping the air conditioner on yourself.

You also have to consider the danger of electrical shock when it comes to DIY air conditioner installation. The risk is very real and there’s enough voltage being pumped into your unit to cause a potentially deadly scenario.

Damage to the System

Installing an air conditioner yourself also means taking the risk of doing permanent damage to the unit or your home. If a faulty installation does ruin your new air conditioner, the warranty will be considered null and void and you’ll be out a nice chunk of change.

This is not a concern when you hire a fully licensed and bonded company such as AC Las Vegas. Not only will your unit be under warranty, but we guarantee the quality of our workmanship. You know you are getting a top-notch install and a great unit when you choose.

Lost Time and Money

It will take you a lot longer to do a DIY air conditioner installation than it would a trained professional. Aside from the lost time, if you did not calculate everything perfectly, you’ll lose money.

Maybe you purchased a certain size unit based on the square footage of your home. You didn’t take into consideration countless other factors that need to be calculated to determine the right size. Prepare to watch your energy bill skyrocket.

Don’t Take Any Chances

Don’t risk injury or your savings account by attempting a DIY air conditioner installation. Call AC Las Vegas at 702-712-4268. We’ll save you money. In fact, we’re even willing to beat the estimate of any other licensed contractor by five-percent or more! Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to learn more about how our experienced technicians can help you.