How to Clean an Air Conditioner

There are two essential parts in an air conditioner which is universal for almost every model – the outdoor unit which contains the condenser or compressor and the indoor unit which is used as the evaporator. For the type of unit that has a heating apparatus, you will need to check the owner’s manual to make sure that the air conditioner can be done without affecting the heating element.

Cleaning the unit is an important part in their maintenance and this is also to make sure that air conditioner efficiency is provided. This can be done once a year, but it can be done whenever the machine has been used for a long time.

If you are a first time cleaner, you may wonder how to clean an air conditioner. It is important to understand each step thoroughly and take your time in doing this before you begin cleaning the air conditioning unit. Also, make sure the air conditioner’s components are not connected to the electricity.

Cleaning the Indoor Evaporator

Unhook the indoor and outdoor tube connections. Make sure they are free from dust buildup and debris. The indoor components are relatively simpler to handle. The filters should be easily removed. Depending on the type of air conditioner you have, it should either be replaced or cleaned; some filters are disposable. Depending on the type of air conditioner, some parts of the interior unit may be complicated to handle and would need a professional to do the cleaning. Professional air conditioner cleaners definitely know how to clean an air conditioner without giving you the hassle.

Cleaning the Outdoor Equipment

Usually, there will be copper wires that run between the coil and outdoor compressor. The coil is the part with tubes and air inlets. Only one of the tubes must be covered with insulation unless there is a heater – in which case there will be two tubes. The main objective of cleaning the air conditioner’s outdoor equipment is to remove the buildup and debris from the condenser. As soon as you remove the screws or clip on covers, you should see the fan inside the apparatus.

Cleaning the fan is important for the unit to properly function and take in air. Removing all debris from the cover can be done with water. If you think using soap is necessary, you can use that as well. Lubricate the fan with 5 to 7 drops of oil, which you can purchase at hardware stores. They have special lubricants that are used specifically for electrical engines. After applying oil, spin the fan to make sure that its motor is moving smoothly.

The compressor has a separate motor that doesn’t need lubricating most of the time. If you have an air conditioner model that has belt driven motors, it will need lubrication in the open oil ports. Enclosed units should be regularly checked for oil leaks. If there is any oil that comes out of a sealed unit, get it checked by an expert. It could sometimes mean the oil port needs replacement.

Step-by-step instructions on how to clean an air conditioner can be found on the internet. If you are not confident in doing this yourself, it is better to call the air conditioner specialists to do the job.