How to Clean an Air Conditioner in Las Vegas

Cleaning an air conditioner is done on several levels. Your central air conditioning unit is a complex piece of machinery and certain components require attention more often than others. Some parts are also much easier to maintain yourself, while more in-depth cleaning may require the trained hand of a professional.

What are the advantages of a clean air conditioner?

Before we get into how to clean an air conditioner, it’s good to know why cleaning your unit is so important. The most obvious reason of course, is making sure you get a good long life out of your unit. Most breakdowns could have been avoided with proper maintenance. Another benefit of a clean air conditioner is clean air. Fewer airborne particulates will get into the air around your home if your unit is clean.

Also, a clean, well-maintained air conditioner will save you money. Not only will it run more efficiently, but the repairs associated with a lack of maintenance can get expensive, especially if a major part needs to be replaced.

How to clean an air conditioner filter

Cleaning an air conditioning filter may not be an option, unless you have a permanent filter. In most cases, the filter simply need to be replaced periodically. A good rule of thumb is to replace a basic filter every month. A ribbed air filter will usually last longer, about three months. A permanent filter should be removed and cleaned once a month.

How to clean an air conditioner unit

Cleaning the main air conditioning unit is a little more involved and may require the help of a professional. If you do decide to take the job upon yourself, be sure to shut of the main power supply. Not cutting power to the unit will put you at risk of serious injury. An electric shock could even be fatal.

Next, you’ll want to vacuum the fins to make sure all the dirt and grime blocking the air flow is taken care of. After that, you can unscrew the grille and pull out the fan. You can wipe the fan down with a clean cloth, then add a few drops of oil if the fan has lubrication points. Be sure to use an oil that is made specifically for electric motors.

With the fan still removed, you can now hose down the inside of your unit. Spray the fins from the inside out using a decent amount of water pressure, but not too much. Once this is done, you can replace the grill and fan. Turn the power back on once all the components are dry.

Call the professionals at AC Las Vegas

For safe, thorough cleaning and maintenance, be sure to call the experts at AC Las Vegas at 702-712-4051. There are many aspects of cleaning and maintenance that are too complex to cover in this blog post, so be sure to call in the help of a professional when you need more than a basic, surface-level cleaning.

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