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Air Conditioning Installation: What You Need To Know

We know that air conditioning installation is no small investment. Choosing a company you can trust to perform the install is crucial. Whether you are putting a new unit in a new home, or replacing an existing one, ACLV can make sure the job gets done right. We’ve been serving the Las Vegas area for a while and have a few things you should keep in mind when you choose someone to start installing air […]

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What Makes Air Conditioner Filters So Important

Air conditioner filters are easy to overlook when it comes to figuring out why your unit might not be working to its fullest potential. It’s an inexpensive part of your system that plays an important role in making sure your home is cooled properly. Clean Filters Lower Your Energy Costs We all know how important it is to keep energy costs down during the scorching Las Vegas summers. One of the easiest ways to do […]

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Air Conditioner Not Cooling at All

My Air Conditioner is Not Cooling At All If your air conditioner is not cooling at all, it could cause some real issues, especially during the hot Las Vegas summer. Too many times, an air conditioner just stops working, leaving you to wonder what may have gone wrong. Sometimes, the answer is simple, while in some instances it could reflect a more major issue. The technicians at ACLV are experts in air conditioning repair in […]

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