How to Set a Thermostat to Save You Money

Your thermostat is much more than a device used to regulate temperatures. How you set and program your thermostat will play a major role in the amount of energy you use, and how much you spend on your energy bill. At AC Las Vegas, we perform HVAC services across the greater metro area. We’ve compiled a few rules on how to set your thermostat more effectively. Never Set and Forget You don’t need to have […]

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Diagnose Your Las Vegas Heating Problem

So you turned the heater on in your Las Vegas home only to find it is blowing cool air, or even worse, not working at all. Well, don’t panic too soon. There are several steps you can take before having to call in a professional service like AC Las Vegas. Check Your Thermostat It sounds like a no brainer, but it is very easy to forget to properly set your thermostat for winter. If your […]

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Why You Might Need Heating Repair in Las Vegas

No one wants to be stuck with a broken heater over the winter, even here in Las Vegas. If you do find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you can do to get the heating repair you need without draining your bank account. Common Heater Problems There are a few common problems we tend to see when our customers call us for heating repair in Las Vegas. The key to finding out […]

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