Air Conditioner Not Cooling at All

My Air Conditioner is Not Cooling At All

If your air conditioner is not cooling at all, it could cause some real issues, especially during the hot Las Vegas summer. Too many times, an air conditioner just stops working, leaving you to wonder what may have gone wrong. Sometimes, the answer is simple, while in some instances it could reflect a more major issue.
The technicians at ACLV are experts in air conditioning repair in the Las Vegas area, and they say there are a few things you can check out at home if your air conditioner is not cooling at all.

Power and Thermostat

It helps to always look for the easiest fix first. Sometimes, you might be able to get your AC blowing cold air again with a simple adjustment. If your unit isn’t blowing cold air, check your thermostat first to and make sure it is set to “cool.” It’s easy to overlook those little things, especially if you haven’t needed to use your AC all winter long.
Once you know the setting is in the right place, make sure the temperature is set a few degrees below the ambient room temperature, otherwise, it won’t click on.

If those simple issues aren’t the problem, an electronic malfunction could be to blame for your air conditioner not cooling at all. If this is the case, you’ll want to contact a professional contractor to come out and take a look. It’s never a good idea to try to fix electrical issues yourself.

Other Possible Causes of Air Conditioner Not Cooling

There’s actually a wide variety of issues that could be causing your air conditioner to malfunction. It’s one of the most mechanically complex pieces of equipment in the home, which is why it’s always a good idea to talk to a professional. Call ACLV when your air conditioner is not cooling at all.
We’ll send out a qualified and experienced technician to troubleshoot the issue so your unit will start blowing cold air again.

Preventing Problems with You Air Conditioner

Even if you just want to make sure your air conditioner is up to the task, ACLV is ready to help you out. Our maintenance program is the best value in Las Vegas. We’ll come out and perform a 13 point inspection for only $39.
Keeping up on maintenance is the best way to avoid problems like an air conditioner not cooling at all. Call us today to schedule your comprehensive inspection. We’ll help give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your air conditioner is ready to perform in even the most extreme weather.
ACLV enjoys an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you’ll know you are dealing with a top-rated and reliable company. Don’t wait until the problem is too big to fix. Call the pros at ACLV today at 702-749-4976.