What Makes Air Conditioner Filters So Important

Air conditioner filters are easy to overlook when it comes to figuring out why your unit might not be working to its fullest potential. It’s an inexpensive part of your system that plays an important role in making sure your home is cooled properly.

Clean Filters Lower Your Energy Costs

We all know how important it is to keep energy costs down during the scorching Las Vegas summers. One of the easiest ways to do exactly that is changing out your air conditioner filters. When they start to become clogged and dirty, it restricts the air flow.

That means your unit is working much harder than it needs to just to cool your home. The harder the unit works, the more energy it uses. Using more energy means you’ll throw more money away on your electric bill.

If you want to keep your air conditioner running at its prime, change out the air conditioner filters every once in a while. During times of heavy use, you may find you’ll have to replace it even more often than the manufacturer recommends. That’s because we’ve got a lot more dust and other particles flying around in the Las Vegas area.

Keep Your Home Cooler with Clean Air Conditioning Filters

Does it feel like your AC is blowing warmer-than-usual air? The answer could be as simple as changing the filter. Even a top of the line, high performing unit will become less efficient when the air conditioner filters become clogged and dirty.
If you find yourself in this situation, the first course of action should be checking out the filter. A quick, easy change could make a big difference in the quality of your in-home air and your comfort.

Clean Air Conditioner Filters Prevent Bigger Problems

Ignoring a dirty air conditioning filter could lead to bigger problems down the road. Having a dirty filter means you are pushing dirty air through your system and out of the vents. This could lead to more expensive mechanical problems that will not only cost you money, but could significantly decrease the lifespan of your unit.
Regular air filter changes combined with periodic maintenance is the best way to ensure your AC will remain in good performing shape for years to come.

Get the Right Type of Filter

If you check your filter and see it’s time for a replacement, be sure to purchase the right size. The dimensions should be clearly printed on your old filter. You take your old filter to the store with you, or just throw it away and snap a cell phone photo of the old one so you don’t forget what size you need.

Basic Filters: Your basic air conditioning filter will last about a month. It will really only filter out the large particles in the air. While these filters are less costly, they are not as effective as other filters on the market and need to be replaced more frequently.

Pleated Filters: Pleated air conditioner filters are made of higher quality materials and will filter out finer particles and allergens. While these tend to cost a few more bucks, they’ll last much longer and do a far better job.

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