Air Conditioner Filters

The air conditioner filter plays a vital role in making sure your air conditioner runs well and efficiently. It’s an inexpensive and easy to replace component, but also happens to be one of the most overlooked tasks among homeowners.

So what benefits will you see from changing or cleaning your air conditioner filter? Keep reading to learn more.

Keep Efficiency Up

One of the fastest ways to make your air conditioner less efficient is to leave a dirty air filter in it. That’s because a dirty filter will start to hamper air flow, making it work much harder just to reach the right temperature. Keeping a clean air conditioner installed can make a big impact on your energy usage, and your utility bill!

Dirty Filters Lead to Breakdown

Ignoring a dirty air filter means you are just asking for a breakdown, and potentially expensive repairs. One of the fastest ways to increase wear and tear on your air conditioning unit is forcing it to suck air through a dirty, clogged filter. This means the unit is working much harder than needed to do its job.

Another problem is the fact that sucking dirt and debris from a dirty filter can actually damage parts like the condenser coils and evaporator. Once dust starts building up on those parts, cooling power will diminish significantly. Eventually, you may have to completely replace the parts.

Change Them More Often During Summer Months

When summer rolls around, it’s a good idea to change your air conditioner filter every month. This is simply because you are running your AC far more often in the summer, especially here in Las Vegas and the surrounding area.

However, if you are using as pleated disposable filter, it will last a longer than your basic, lower priced option. Pleated filters are usually made from fiberglass and synthetic materials designed to filter out finer particles and allergens.

There are also permanent filters, which need to be removed and cleaned periodically. It’s usually as simple as pulling the filter out and spraying it off.

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